JENNISON, James Leonard

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Image Ref: Memorials of Rugbeians, Who fell in the Great War Vol 1-7 (By kind permission of the Medici Co.)

JAMES LEONARD JENNISON the only son of James JENNISON and of
Pauline his wife, of Belle Vue, Manchester
He entered the School in 1909. He was awarded a Scholarshi 1910, and obtained a Mechanical Science Scholarship at Trinity College Cambridge, in 1914. He was in the Running VIII in 1915. he left School in April of the same year, and, after some months with Messrs. A. V, Roe & Co., Aeroplane Manufacturers, received his Commission in January, 1916.
After nine months' service in France, during which he was recommended for a decoration for the capture, almost single-handed, of a German field gun, he was reported "Missing" in a small local attack at Gavrelle, Vimy Ridge, and later was presumed to have been killed in that action, on May 3rd, 1917. Age 20•
His Colonel wrote :
"Your son led his Platoon in an attack on the German position right gallantly, and his brave bearing inspired all his men. He was a great favourite with us all, Officers and men. For my part I have lost a most capable Officer and a cheery comrade."
The Chaplain wrote :
"We all loved him. He was so full of life and brave as a lion. How he captured the German gun is a splendid story. His men would follow him anywhere."
And, in a letter to the father of one of his brother Officers, the same Chaplain said :
"Jennison would not fall very willingly into a German prison.; I am afraid he is the fellow to fight to a finish. He was a splendid fellow, some¬times a great big laughing schoolboy, sometimes a great engineering authority, especially on Scott engines for motor cycles, and sometimes quite a serious soldier but this did not come very easily to him. We were all very fond of him, he was always so lovable and overflowing with life and energy.
"The gun that Jennison captured has been sent to Leeds as a war trophy."