• Yorkshire Indexers Are Back Online

      At Last We Are Back Online!!

      Unfortunately, midday on Wednesday 10th February 2016, the Hosting Company, where the Yorkshire Indexers Website sited, had a power outage! It would appear, to those in the know that a a UPS failed during routine maintenance. Personally, and speaking from previous experience, I think someone accidentally pulled out the wrong plug

      After they realised, plugged everything back in, and switched them on hoping nobody would realise something smelly really hit the fan. 5% of VPS (Virtual Private Servers) failed to power on correctly (YI being one). After a great deal of swearing, clumps of hair being pulled out, and the person responsible for pulling the plug out in the first place being subjected to verbal and physical abuse (all my own thoughts), the clusters required rebuilding. The database Servers Failed to restart, the Service Help Desk failed to live up to its name.

      To cut a long story short, after 48 hours of sleepless nights, swearing, pacing up and down the floor, racking the grey cells, the Hosting Company brought the servers back online. Fortunately, we take an offsite backup every 24 hours! they have been uploaded and, fingers crossed, we are back up.

      One Huge Apology has been issued by the Hosting Company which we are now passing on to you all.

      I suppose we have to look on the funny side (if there is one). We moved the site to this company 3 years ago and apart from this recent blip they have delivered a speedy service with a 100% uptime.

      Normal Service Resumes ...