• Lawnswood Cemetery Update

      The Lawnswood Project is progressing well. It is divided into three distinctive parts, Burials Registers, Cremation Registers and Monumental Inscriptions.

      Burial Registers:
      Christine Leach, Mary Korna and Lynn Groves have been working hard on the three registers Consecrated, General and Lawn. All but the Consecrated registers have now been fully transcribed. Leaving only a small number at the latter end of the largest register (Consecrated) to complete. The number of entries currently stands at 30,650 entires.

      Cremation Registers:
      A whole host of transcribers have been busy indexing / transcribing the 108 registers, with 31 completed, totalling 25,356 entries uploaded so far. These registers do contain quite a lot of information which adds to the complexity of transcribing them, together with water damage making the work even more difficult.

      Memorial Inscriptions:
      Lynn Groves has been the real backbone in this project. A large proportion of the new and 1910 extension has been photographed in full, with a whopping 6,620 photographs uploaded and transcribed.

      Lawnswood Cemetery has its own Friends Group who continue to look after the grounds, whom with the grounds staff, make our job easier. It is an enormous task, but its fruits are already showing, with a large number of relatives been discovered by our members. Recently I discovered a grave I had been searching for of one of the Barnbow Lasses. M. Keyworth, turns out to be Emmie Keyworth and her name has been incorrectly transcribed on the Roll of Honour, St. Michaels War Memorial Headingley, Cross Gates and the Manston Barnbow Memorial.

      A Huge Thank You to All our Members who have assisted in this Project.