• Beckett Street Cemetery Project

      Project Update:

      The project is progressing well, but we are now looking for members to assist in the photographing and recording of Monumental Inscriptions. Through time some of the monuments have been damaged, some will be subjected to 'stability testing' and some even stolen. Can you help ...

      Memorial of Lowina Harrison - Adopted by the 'Friends of Beckett Street Cemetery' as their emblem.


      The 178,000 burials for Beckett Street Cemetery (Burmantofts Cemetery, Leeds Burial Ground) are recorded in 11 volumes, which are physically located within the West Yorkshire Archives, Leeds. These volumes have also been digitally scanned for archive purposes and can be viewed at the Leeds City Council Bereavement Services, Farnley Hall, Leeds. The registers have also been photographed onto microfiche and film and can be viewed at the Leeds Central Library.

      Transcript / Index:
      Several years ago the Friends of Beckett Street Cemetery indexed the registers. The index contained the persons name, year of burial, burial number, grave number and whether the person buried was a child. Since this date the Yorkshire Indexers commenced fully transcribing the registers and uploading them to the members subscription database. The latter project is on target to be completed by the 170th Anniversary of the Cemetery in August 2015.

      View of one of the many pathways running through Beckett Street Cemetery

      Monumental Inscriptions:
      There are approximately 27,000 graves in Beckett Street. The site conforms to the traditional Victorian layout. With Anglican burials located to the South (closest to the City) and the Dissenters occupying the North side of the site. Each section had its own entrance gate and Chapel. There is no physical wall dividing the two, just a series of marker stones that are still clearly visible cutting through the centre of the grounds. The chapels have long since gone (1960’s) and a large number of the headstones have since been damaged or disappeared through time. The Friends of Beckett have recorded the inscriptions from the stones and copies can be viewed at the Leeds Central Library or copies.

      In early 2015 the Council erected notices throughout the cemetery informing people of the proposed stability testing of the monuments. With this in mind the Yorkshire Indexers are now commencing the photographing, transcribing and GPS locating of all the monuments within the cemetery.

      We are now looking for volunteers ….. Can you help?