• 1937 Register of Electors For The Borough of Leeds

      This is the complete Electorial Register for Leeds as it was in 1937. The city was split into 6 Divisions, CENTRAL, NORTH, NORTH EAST, SOUTH, SOUTH EAST and WEST with a total voting population (persons of 21 years of age or over) of almost 350,000. Each Division was dividied into Polling Districts denoted by a Letter A to Z (or combinations of letters if there were more than 26 Districts) and each district was further sub divided into wards.

      A search of the database can be carried out on Surname, Forename, Division, Street Name and Street Number, the resultant search will bring forward a list of names which are hyperlinked to individual records. A hyperlink is also present within each individual record page that will display all other residents living in the same street.

      There are a couple of sections within each record which shows that persons qualification to vote, these are indicated by letters R = Resident, Rw = Resident Woman, B = Business, O=Occupation, Ow = Occupation Woman D = qualifies through wifes occupations or Dw = qualifies through husbands occupation NM = Naval or Military Voter and also there is "a" = Absentee Voter. Two other characters to be found are J = Juror and SJ = Special Juror (those qualified will have the correspondnig letters after their name.)

      A second address may be found against some names this will generally be a home address where the premises in the current street is a business.

      I hope the above gives some clarification as to what the Registers provide.

      The registers are available for searching in our Members Database. Details on how to susbscribe can be found in the "Online Records" page