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      by Published on 21-10-2016 07:51 PM

      A huge thank you goes out to all our transcribers. We have now reached over 1 million records in the subscribers Municipal Cemeteries Database alone.

      Of course, our members are extremely busy uploading images to the free Gallery, which has now reached an epic 76,000 images. Together with the wealth of information in the Wiki, and our other free and subscription databases.

      We hope you all continue the good work on the website.

      Thank You
      by Published on 22-04-2016 05:09 PM
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      Dear Yorkshire Indexers Member.

      We are sorry for the loss of service.

      What went wrong. What our hosting providers says:-

      "So what happened to some services? As part of a clean-up process on the 123-reg VPS platform, a script was run at 7am on 16.04.16. This script is run to show ...
      by Published on 12-02-2016 05:45 PM

      At Last We Are Back Online!!

      Unfortunately, midday on Wednesday 10th February 2016, the Hosting Company, where the Yorkshire Indexers Website sited, had a power outage! It would appear, to those in the know that a a UPS failed during routine maintenance. Personally, and speaking from previous experience, I think someone accidentally pulled out the wrong plug

      After they realised, plugged everything back in, and switched them on hoping nobody would realise something smelly really hit the fan. 5% of VPS (Virtual Private Servers) failed to power on correctly (YI being one). After a great deal of swearing, clumps of hair being pulled out, and the person responsible for pulling the plug out in the first place being subjected to verbal and physical abuse (all my own thoughts), the clusters required rebuilding. The database Servers Failed to restart, the Service Help Desk failed to live up to its name.

      To cut a long story short, after 48 hours of sleepless nights, swearing, pacing up and down the floor, racking the grey cells, the Hosting Company brought the servers back online. Fortunately, we take an offsite backup every 24 hours! they have been uploaded and, fingers crossed, we are back up.

      One Huge Apology has been issued by the Hosting Company which we are now passing on to you all.

      I suppose we have to look on the funny side (if there is one). We moved the site to this company 3 years ago and apart from this recent blip they have delivered a speedy service with a 100% uptime.

      Normal Service Resumes ...


      by Published on 07-02-2016 11:23 AM

      The Lawnswood Project is progressing well. It is divided into three distinctive parts, Burials Registers, Cremation Registers and Monumental Inscriptions.

      Burial Registers:
      Christine Leach, Mary Korna and Lynn Groves have been working hard on the three registers Consecrated, General and Lawn. All but the Consecrated registers have now been fully transcribed. Leaving only a small number at the latter end of the largest register (Consecrated) to complete. The number of entries currently stands at 30,650 entires.

      Cremation Registers:
      A whole host of transcribers have been busy indexing / transcribing the 108 registers, with 31 completed, totalling 25,356 entries uploaded so far. These registers do contain quite a lot of information which adds to the complexity of transcribing them, together with water damage making the work even more difficult.

      Memorial Inscriptions:
      Lynn Groves has been the real backbone in this project. A large proportion of the new and 1910 extension has been photographed in full, with a whopping 6,620 photographs uploaded and transcribed.

      Lawnswood Cemetery has its own Friends Group who continue to look after the grounds, whom with the grounds staff, make our job easier. It is an enormous task, but its fruits are already showing, with a large number of relatives been discovered by our members. Recently I discovered a grave I had been searching for of one of the Barnbow Lasses. M. Keyworth, turns out to be Emmie Keyworth and her name has been incorrectly transcribed on the Roll of Honour, St. Michaels War Memorial Headingley, Cross Gates and the Manston Barnbow Memorial.

      A Huge Thank You to All our Members who have assisted in this Project.
      by Published on 02-05-2015 10:36 AM
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      Project Update:

      The project is progressing well, but we are now looking for members to assist in the photographing and recording of Monumental Inscriptions. Through time some of the monuments have been damaged, some will be subjected to 'stability testing' and some even stolen. Can you help ...
      by Published on 31-12-2014 04:40 PM

      Cremations in Leeds commenced at Lawnswood on the 4th January 1905 with the cremation of a 44 Year Old Wholesale Printer, John Jackson Dunbar STEEN, from Wolverhampton. The cremation was entered into a leather bound book and continued in this manner until the last person was entered in Volume 108, entry 143,300 on the 18th September 1986, Annie SHELDON, Aged 71 a Housewife from Leeds. After this date the records were computerised. Some of the records prior to 1996 were lost in a computer system crash and no digital backups were kept. However, paper copies (computer printouts) were made. After this date ...
      by Published on 30-03-2013 07:47 AM

      This is the complete Electorial Register for Leeds as it was in 1937. The city was split into 6 Divisions, CENTRAL, NORTH, NORTH EAST, SOUTH, SOUTH EAST and WEST with a total voting population (persons of 21 years of age or over) of almost 350,000. Each Division ...