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      Cremations in Leeds commenced at Lawnswood on the 4th January 1905 with the cremation of a 44 Year Old Wholesale Printer, John Jackson Dunbar STEEN, from Wolverhampton. The cremation was entered into a leather bound book and continued in this manner until the last person was entered in Volume 108, entry 143,300 on the 18th September 1986, Annie SHELDON, Aged 71 a Housewife from Leeds. After this date the records were computerised. Some of the records prior to 1996 were lost in a computer system crash and no digital backups were kept. However, paper copies (computer printouts) were made. After this date all records are held on computer by the Leeds City Council Bereavement Services Department.

      Cremation Registers
      Each of the 108 Volumes are quite detailed. Initially only each register recorded 625 records, 5 entries per page. Over time this increased to 250 pages, with 10 entries per page (Double page per record). In total 143,300 records are recorded in this manner and include:

      • Cremation Number
      • Date of Cremation
      • Name, Residence and Occupation of Deceased
      • Age and Sex
      • Whether Married or Unmarried
      • Date of Death
      • Name and Address of Person who applied for Cremation
      • Names and Addresses of Persons Signing Certificates
      • District where Death has been Registered
      • How Ashes were Disposed of
      • Signature of Officiating Minister
      • Remarks

      At the end of each book is a Summary of Disposal of Cremated Remains and includes:
      • Cremation Numbers (First / Last)
      • Numbered Scattered
      • Number Removed
      • Number Niches
      • Number Interred Grave or Memorial Places
      • Awaiting Instructions (Cremation Numbers)
      • Number of Disposed of But No Entry Made in Register (including Cremation Numbers)

      Several Years ago the Yorkshire Indexers (previously known as Leeds Indexers) were granted access to all the registers held by the Leeds City Council Bereavement Services Department and were allowed to photograph the registers in order that they could be transcribed / indexed. Unfortunately, until recently, the Yorkshire Indexers have been unable to access the registers due the move from Lawnswood to Farnley Hall. A large proportion of the registers have been placed in storage throughout the city and viewing can only be made my appointment. During this transitional period it would appear that some of the registers have been damaged as well as misplaced.

      Lawnswood Cremation Book

      (Lawnswood Cremation Register showing water damage)

      Throughout the registers there is reference to the books being microfilmed. However, the whereabouts of these films is unknown. There is also reference to each volume being “checked against an index”. The Leeds City Council has digitally scanned all the registers. However, access to these images, held at Farnley Hall, is limited.

      The Leeds City Council Bereavement Services Department have full access to all the transcripts / indexes of their records that have been completed by the Yorkshire Indexers.

      Memorial Inscriptions
      Lawnswood Cemetery / Cremation grounds covers a large space in the Leeds 16 area. The pathways throughout the grounds carry plaques of those cremated along the kerbstones. Together with dedicated areas such as the Columbarium, which houses the actual ashes. A great deal of work has been carried out by Lynn Groves who has photographed, transcribed and uploaded a large number of these to the gallery.

      Lawnswood Columbarium

      (The Columbarium at Lawnswood)

      Project Progress
      The Yorkshire Indexers aim to Transcribe / Index all of the 108 Registers and Photograph and record the plaques / Niche within the Cemetery Grounds. To see the status of this and other projects of this nature please visit the Online Section of this site.
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      This is the complete Electorial Register for Leeds as it was in 1937. The city was split into 6 Divisions, CENTRAL, NORTH, NORTH EAST, SOUTH, SOUTH EAST and WEST with a total voting population (persons of 21 years of age or over) of almost 350,000. Each Division ...
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      For those members on the move who want to access the forum through a hand held device running IOS/Android such as an iPhone, iPad etc. we have added the functionality to allow people to use an app called ForumRunner.

      Once the app has been installed, run it on your device and go to the search screen.

      From ...
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      Only this week has there been an article in the Yorkshire Evening Post about further damage being caused within the grounds.

      Leeds family’s baby grave heartache

      Photograph and article Published on Friday 1 June 2012 - Yorkshire Evening Post
      http://www.yorkshireeveningpost.co.u...sive-1-4601699 ...
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      This message was received by Lynn:

      Re: Re Hairey

      Hi Lynn,
      Thanks for taking the time and effort to send those images, I think you provide a fantastic service at Yorkshire indexers helping people and pointing people towards invaluable research, may the indexers continue to thrive, and have a ...
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      The following article, about the Sheepscar Archives, has been published in the Yorkshire Evening Post.

      By David Marsh
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      The easiest way to search the Gallery, is from the drop down search box on the main Gallery page. If you look at the dark blue menu bar just below the Gallery Icon and select search, you can put in single ...